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10 pcs crystal carvings

10 pcs crystal carvings

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Our 10 pcs crystal carvings are expertly crafted, offering intricate details and remarkable clarity. The durable crystal material is perfect for decorations and gifts. Each piece enhances any room in your home or office.


Please be aware it can take upto 3-5 weeks for your order to be packaged and shipped.

This set of ten crystal carvings is perfect for adding a touch of sparkle to any interior. Each piece is made from premium quality crystal, ensuring a beautiful, long-lasting decoration. Ideal for collectors, these carvings make great gifts and are sure to stand out. Craft your best intentions with these stunning 10 pcs crystal carvings! Carefully carved from high-quality alter crystals, these amazing carvings shimmer in the light and provide inspiring beauty that will fill any space with positive energy. Get creative and manifest the life of your dreams! 

Need something to "alter" your home décor? Look no further than our 10 pcs crystal carvings – these beauties will spruce up any space in no time! Each piece is handcrafted, so you'll know that your home will look unique and stylish! Get your hands on these now!  This set of 10 crystal carvings includes the perfect mix of magical and mysterious figures. From moons and unicorns to fish and cats, the carvings feature a variety of whimsical designs, perfect for any collector. They also come with 2 highly detailed mushroom figures and a coffin for added contrast. Embellish your home with this exquisite set of 10 Reiki crystal carvings, designed to bring an air of sophistication and elegance to any room. Expertly crafted for a unique look, these beautiful carvings will elevate any décor with their timeless and lustrous appeal.

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