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1/3rd faceup and body

1/3rd faceup and body

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Welcome the 1/3rd Faceup and Body BJD Ball Jointed Doll to your collection with its cute, Kawaii design. This doll is made from 1/3rd scale and features a customizable faceup, allowing you to create your own unique doll. With its sturdy construction and customizable features, this doll is perfect for both collection and play. 

This 1/3rd faceup and body features a bloody faced look that will add an extra bit of horror to your collection. Whether you're building a spooky scene or creating a unique display, this eye-catching figure will stand out in any showcase. Transform yourself into an adorable kawaii character with 1/3rd Faceup and Body! The perfect makeup look for any occasion, this cute style is sure to wow your friends and leave you feeling confident and beautiful! Don't wait, be kawaii today! Our 1/3rd Faceup and Body set is a must-have for achieving the ethereal beauty of the trendsetting icy frost element makeup look. Crafted with exquisite attention to detail, the unique cosmetics of this set works in unison to create a perfect, elegant look that will have you radiating an incomparable beauty.  Create a look that'll turn heads! Our 1/3rd faceup and body provides an ice fairy, goth, and bloody makeup look, giving you the perfect trifecta of stunning styles! Unleash your inner diva and show 'em all who's boss! ;) 

The 1/3rd faceup and body is an intricate corporeal model with a realistic blood effect on the face. It offers an authentic experience for adult collectors or those seeking to explore the science behind the human body. The 1/3rd faceup and body figure features Yandere that is perfect for any collection. As its name implies, the figure is 1/3rd scale and has a detailed faceup and body sculpt. Yandere adds an accurate character representation and an authentic lifelike feel.

 This Ice Frost Element Makeup Doll is perfect for collectors and children alike. Its 1/3rd body size features realistic detailing and a frost element design for exquisite style. Its skin-like hair and lifelike faceup make it an adorable addition to any home. This 1/3rd scale ball jointed doll is perfect for fans of BJD collections. Its unique facial expression and body features make it stand out from other dolls. The joints provide increased flexibility, allowing for more natural poses and movement. With its high-quality craftsmanship, this doll is sure to become a treasured addition to your collection.

Our 1/3rd Faceup and Body range features a full line of makeup products from lipstick to eyeshadow and blush. It's specially formulated to provide alt, indie, and grunge styles with a perfect cutseyaesthetic. Achieve a unique look with our highlighter and eyeshadow palettes. #cutseyaesthetic #alt #makeup #lipstick #eyemakeup #eyeshadow #blush #highlighter#egirl #alternative #alt #gothic #cutseyaesthetic #indie #grunge #goth #audio The 1/3rd faceup and body doll is the perfect companion for any collector or hobbyist. Made with our proprietary art resin 3d printing, the doll has an extremely lifelike appearance and an unmatched level of detail. This combination of features ensures a true-to-life experience that is perfect for display and play.


<span;>This Anime Bjd Doll Faceup head is perfect for adding detailed color to 1/6 scale dolls. It's made from resin and provides the perfect canvas with a intricate sculpting and paintwork. Give your doll a unique look with this high-quality Faceup head. This Anime BJD Doll features a detailed butterfly head decoration, ideal for customizing and personalizing 1/6th-scale figures. The butterfly is intricately detailed to provide a professional, realistic appearance. Perfect for any anime fan.  This Anime BJD Doll is the perfect addition to your collection of 1/6th figurines. The Bjd Faceup has an anime-style design, giving your dolls a unique and stylish look. With its realistic features, this doll head is perfect for bringing your favorite characters to life.


<span;>This 1/6th scale Anime Bjd Doll faceup features a unique BJD elf head sculpt. It is sure to delight any BJD collector or Anime enthusiast. Its intricate details and realistic design make it the perfect addition to your collection. This 1/6th scale Fairy head BJD doll is a great way to add a skillfully detailed faceup to your collection. Hand-crafted with an attention to detail, it will make a beautiful addition to any collector's display. Perfect for beginners and experienced BJD lovers alike. 


<span;>A BJD (Ball-Jointed Doll) anime head faceup for a 1/6th scale doll involves the customization of the doll's facial features to give it a specific anime-inspired appearance. Here's a description of the process and the resulting doll:




<span;>Sculpt and Features:




<span;>The BJD anime head is typically made of high-quality resin, ensuring a smooth and durable surface.


<span;>The sculpt of the head is designed to emulate the unique characteristics of anime-style characters, featuring large expressive eyes, a small nose, and a delicate mouth.


<span;>The face may have soft, rounded features or more angular and defined contours, depending on the desired aesthetic. This Anime BJD Doll faceup for a 1/6th scale doll unlocks your creativity and lets you customize your doll's features for an anime-inspired look. Crafted from high-quality resin for durability, the head features a stylized sculpt with large expressive eyes, a small nose, and a delicate mouth. Create soft and rounded features or define the face with sharper contours - the possibilities are endless. 


<span;>Bring your anime dreams to life with this Anime Bjd Doll faceup 1/6th HEAD ONLY! Blush and shading techniques give the face a realistic three-dimensional appearance, while a wig and custom eye chips complete the look with your choice of vibrant colors and unique anime-inspired designs. Let your imaginative side shine with the perfect doll for you! 


<span;>Blush and shading techniques are used to add depth and dimension to the doll's cheeks and other facial features, giving the face a more three-dimensional appearance.


<span;>Some artists may also add additional details such as freckles, beauty marks, or tattoos, depending on the desired character design.


<span;>Wig and Eyes:

<span;>A wig is typically added to the doll's head to complete the anime-inspired look. The wig may feature vibrant colors, unique styles, and exaggerated shapes, reflecting popular anime hairstyles.


<span;>The eyes, known as "eye chips," are inserted into the doll's eye sockets. These can be customized to match the desired character design, featuring various colors, shapes, and designs


<span;>Faceup and Painting:




<span;>The faceup process involves the application of paint and other artistic techniques to bring the doll's face to life.


<span;>The artist carefully paints the eyes, creating intricate patterns and vibrant colors to achieve the iconic anime-style eyes. This may include bold eyeliner, colorful irises, and detailed eyelashes.


<span;>The eyebrows are delicately painted to match the desired expression and character design, often with stylized shapes and vibrant colors.


<span;>The lips are painted with precision, adding subtle shading and highlights to enhance the doll's facial expression. Our Anime BJD Doll Faceup 1/6th Head ONLY is transformed into a work of art with its meticulously hand-painted facial features. From the extraordinary bold eyeliner to the sophisticatedly shaded lips, this anime-style expression is a luxuriant and exclusive work of art that your doll will adore. With colorful irises and detailed eyelashes, this sophisticated faceup breathes life into your doll's face. Create the perfect anime-inspired BJD doll with this faceup for 1/6th scale heads! Customize the look of your doll with assembly and display possibilities, dressing, accessories, and painting to bring your favorite anime characters to life. Create unique and collectible dolls, or use them for art projects and photography--the sky's the limit!


<span;>Assembly and Display:




<span;>Once the faceup is complete, the BJD anime head is attached to the doll's body, which is usually made of jointed resin parts, allowing for a wide range of posing possibilities.


<span;>The doll can be dressed in a variety of outfits and accessories to further enhance the anime aesthetic and match the character design.


<span;>The finished doll can be displayed as a collectible item, used for photography, or even incorporated into artistic projects or storytelling.


<span;>A BJD anime head faceup for a 1/6th scale doll aims to capture the charm and distinctive style of anime characters, bringing them to life in a three-dimensional form. It allows collectors and enthusiasts to customize and create unique dolls that reflect their favorite anime-inspired designs characters. 


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