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2 split spell wax melt|LOVE|PROTECTION|

2 split spell wax melt|LOVE|PROTECTION|

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The white side is protection and the pink is love. Contact me if you want to know what herbs and crystals are in them.

Ideal for scenting any space, this handmade 2 split spell wax melt is a thoughtful way to bring the scents of LOVE and PROTECTION into any room. Enjoy these comforting scents with a few simple melts.

Bring a little love and protection to your home with this split-spell wax melt! This decorative piece features two molten wax sections, each with its own unique scent - one of love and one of protection, making it the perfect magical addition to any environment!  This two-pack wax melt from Split Spell provides a soothing blend of essential oils, known for their protective properties. Enjoy the aroma of sweet florals and citrus to provide a feeling of love and protection in your home. Bring love and beauty into your home with our 2 split spell wax melt. Filled with romantic scents meant to bring a sense of warmth and protection, these melts are perfect for adding a touch of elegance and class to your living space. Enjoy the alluring aromas while connecting to a world of love. Create a soothing, inviting atmosphere with the 2 split spell wax melt! Filled with the manifesting power of love and protection, it quietly works to transform your space into a calming sanctuary. Enhance your home's energy with this luxurious wax melt! 

Infuse your home with the power of intention with this set of 2 split spell wax melts, "LOVE" and "PROTECTION". Filled with natural scents and fragrances, these melts deliver a pleasant aroma while helping you manifest your desired outcome. 

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