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Hematite point

Hematite point

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This genuine Hematite point is a powerful crystal, renowned for its grounding and balancing properties. Its energy helps increase focus, concentration and helps restore mental equilibrium. Ideal for metalworking and for anyone looking for calm and clarity. This stunning Hematite point is the perfect addition to your home décor. Crafted with finesse it exudes an air of luxury and refinement, adding an elegant touch to any space. With its smooth, velvet-like texture, its unique beauty and graceful shape is sure to captivate. Make a statement and bring an aura of sophistication to your home. 

Look no further for a magical addition to your altar! Our Hematite Point will serve as a powerful talisman to help you manifest your wildest desires. All you need is a bit of positive energy and you'll be casting spells in no time! Unlock the power of the universe with this Hematite point! Perfect for your altar or Wicca decor needs, this unique piece will guide you through any spiritual journey. Welcome the energy of the universe into your home with a magical piece that will captivate and inspire. Dare to harness the power of the gods! 

This Hematite point is perfect for removing negative energy and restoring balance. Its natural properties provide grounding, healing, and protection, enabling you to take a step back and assess your flaws and the changes that need to be made. Let its calming energy guide you to the path of self-betterment. The Hematite point is a calming stone with sedative energy. Its properties offer spiritual strength and contentment, and facilitates a deeper connection with your spirituality. Its stability and peacefulness helps clear and balance energy, while its grounding properties dissolve negativity. Perfect for meditation, it also enhances psychic ability. Hematite point is an excellent tool for meditation and clarity of consciousness. This stone is known for its ability to dissolve negativity and keep energies grounded and balanced. Developing feelings of insight, awareness and good judgement, it can lead to intense energy and stimulate the brain as well as inspiring clairvoyance. It is ideal for accessing past and future lives.

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