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High quality apatite point

High quality apatite point

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1 random apatite point. This premium apatite point crystal is perfect for meditation, healing, and energy work. It's high-quality and can be used to open and activate the throat and third eye chakras. A beautiful addition to any collection.

Outfit your crystal collection with this "high-quality" apatite point! This gem will add a touch of sparkle and shine to your sacred space - get it before it's gone! This beautifully crafted apatite point is the perfect addition to any witch's collection - its high quality craftsmanship and luxurious design make it an exclusive decoration piece for those looking to add a touch of sophistication to their ritual space. Meticulously crafted with a focus on detail, this apatite point is a unique and eye-catching accessory that adds an air of mystery and allure to any home. 

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