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Imperfect green aventurine spheres

Imperfect green aventurine spheres

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All of these crystal spheres are imperfect they either have a discoloration, slight crack, or an indent in them.


These "imperfect" aventurine spheres are perfect for crystal healing. Cut from natural stone, each sphere is unique and carries its own properties; they are believed to bring luck, courage, and emotional balance. These mini spheres make a great addition to any collection! Make your magic with these Imperfect Green Aventurine Spheres! Decor spells are no match for the power of these mystical stones - be sure to have a few in your wizard toolkit for when you need a little extra help. Who knows, you may even get some magical rewards for tossing one of these beauts around! Take the stress off your shoulders with these Imperfect green aventurine spheres! This magical crystal carries the power to neutralize any type of energy pollution while calming any nausea or negative emotions. So, let your worries dissolve and keep your heart warm with these green aventurine spheres! Experience the health benefits of Green Aventurine with Imperfect green aventurine spheres. This gemstone is known to settle nausea and help to dissolve negative emotions and thoughts, providing a sense of well-being and emotional calm.

Unearthly and ethereal green aventurine spheres offer a serene and calming atmosphere, perfect for creating a sense of grounding and stability. Green aventurine's connection with the Earth encourages one to come back to their body and to their inner knowing, allowing one to navigate difficult thoughts and emotions to a place of peace. 

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