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Loaded Witches burrs

Loaded Witches burrs

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If you get witches burrs that are covered in wax and herbs and you aren't aware of what they are used for they are for burning during a spell. The red ones can be used for love, beauty, healing and for the element of fire.
The white can be used for protection, creativity, Fertility, and clarity. They simply only have herbs and crystal chips on them the intention has not yet been put into them the specific herbs, crystals, and wax on them are best used for these specific intentions though.

Our Loaded Witches Burrs bring your manifestation dreams to life. Crafted with wax crystal chips, these burrs offer you a luxurious yet powerful tool to realise your goals and unlock creative potential. With their elegant design, they make a truly sophisticated addition to any space. Get ready for spellbinding fun with Loaded Witches burrs! These small spherical designs are challenging and fun to construct. Put your puzzling skills to the test and build magical creations with these unique little burrs. Transform your next gathering into an enchanting puzzle session! These Loaded Witches burrs are infused with sage saging, providing an herbal, earthy flavor. Enjoy a robust and inviting taste experience with every bite. Experience the supernatural power of Loaded Witches burrs. This premium cleansing tool helps you harness the power of natural elements for a thorough and mindful cleanse of your body and soul. Experience a new level of spiritual cleansing with the Loaded Witches burrs. Open up a world of possibility with Loaded Witches Burrs! Perfect for dreams and desires, these burrs are designed to help you manifest your wildest hopes and wishes with ease. Unlock your inner magic and get ready to make your dreams come true! 

Our Loaded Witches Burrs feature wax-covered, crystal chipped turquoise amethyst quartz. They provide the perfect combination of texture and color for a stylish, unique look. Perfect for a variety of jewelry styles, these burrs will surely make a statement. Introducing the Loaded Witches Burrs, the perfect balance of ying and yang energy to stabilize your aura and facilitate discernment. Whether you draw on the potent strength and courage the burrs offer or open yourself up to your innate creative talents, this agate will purify your body, mind, and spirit, as well as balance your electromagnetic energies for a positive, even flow of energy. Finally, the burrs spiritualize the intellect for a more exclusive and sophisticated luxury experience. 

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