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Ruby zoisite point| UV reactive

Ruby zoisite point| UV reactive

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Light up the night with this dazzling Ruby Zoisite Point! You'll be mesmerized watching it "glow in the dark" under UV light. Even without the "black light special" this gem will have you sparkling for sure!

This eye-catching ruby zoisite point tower is sure to liven up any collection. The natural crystal has a unique pattern and magnificent UV reactive properties that will stand out in any display.

Buy this ruby zoisite point and enjoy its one-of-a-kind aesthetic.

This Ruby Zoisite Point is a stunning decor alter made from natural crystal. It's UV reactive and colored by both the green of zoisite and the red of ruby. This unique decor alter is perfect for any home or office, and is sure to be a conversation starter. This natural Ruby Zoisite point is a precious stone that will stimulate your brain and amplify your mood with its powerful love energy. Its unique properties promote balance in all areas of life, intensifying the energy of the crystal and inspiring both clairvoyance and creativity. A subtle yet radiant addition to any home, this UV reactive gemstone is the perfect way to elevate your space. Our Ruby Zoisite Point is an all-in-one supernatural solution — channeling clarity and protection, and providing insights into a higher spiritual realm! Make this your go-to crystal for embracing your psychic power, unlocking good judgement, and accessing past and future lives. Who needs a magician when you have this gem?! 

This Ruby Zoisite point features an intense UV reaction and is perfect for your crystal shop. Let its unique beauty inspire you and its healing properties soothe your body and spirit.

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