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Selenite Bat

Selenite Bat

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This Selenite Bat carving is a perfect addition to any collection. Crafted from high-quality selenite gypsum, this carving is expertly detailed and sure to draw attention. With its intricate design, it adds a unique touch to any room.

Sport your gothic edge with this Selenite Bat! Crafted with a unique blend of Selenite and crystal, this bat is as spooky as it is stylish. So go ahead and rock the look with a touch of grunge - you won't be bat-ter for it!

This elegant Selenite Bat is a timeless accessory crafted from natural gypsum crystals. Its simple, sleek silhouette lends a tasteful sophistication to any space, adding a hint of luxury and exclusivity. Make a statement with this stylish piece of art. Cozy up to this kawaii bat! Selenite will keep you company with its cute face and huggable wings. The perfect companion for late night gaming sessions or just watching your favorite show! (Cuddle at your own risk - it's a bat, after all!) This Selenite Bat is the perfect way to add a spooky touch to your favorite Halloween decor! Crafted from natural selenite, this bat will cast a magical and mysterious spell on your home. Give your autumns the Halloween boost they deserve with this enchanting Selenite Bat! 

Unearth the calming power of the Selenite Bat, and tap into the sedative energy of this soothing stone. Tapping into the stability and strength that Selenite offers, let its potent peace and contentment wash over you, and settle into your spirituality. Perfect for mediation, it enhances your psychic abilities, leading to a feeling of true harmony.  Discover a higher state of consciousness and peace with the Selenite Bat! This mystical gemstone brings clarity, awareness, insight, and good judgement - perfect for deepening your spiritual practice and dissolving any negativity. Plus, it'll help you access your past and future lives like a spiritual time machine. Trust your gut and trust the Selenite Bat!

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