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Spell jars

Spell jars

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Contact me if you want your spell jar on a necklace or have any allergies to certain herbs.


These Spell Jars are designed to use powerful, concentrated magic for a variety of purposes. They combine the potency of herbs, stones and magic to create a powerful potion for your needs. Each Spell Jar is tailored to a specific purpose to ensure the most effective results. Our spell jars are designed to help manifest your intentions. Crafted of natural ingredients and herbs, each one provides a unique and powerful tool to help you in your journey. Focus your energy and take control of your destiny with our spell jars. Enchant your life with our alter Spell Jars, crafted from the finest ingredients to evoke an aura of clairvoyance, wealth, luck, abundance, prosperity, love, beauty and lust. Feel the power of your own spell gather momentum as you cast these magical jars into your daily life. Intriguing and beautiful, our Spell jars are handmade with crystals and herbs, creating a unique and fascinating piece for your home. Perfect for any spiritual practice, they are sure to bring a sense of mystery and delight to your space. Discover the power of botanicals with our spell jars, crafted with premium-grade rosemary, lavender, chamomile, dandelion, marigold, and salt. Our organic ingredients are chosen for their therapeutic and holistic properties, allowing you to bring the magical effects of herbs and spices right into your home. Perfect for aromatherapy and ritual use, our spell jars bring nature's mystical aroma into your sacred space.

Discover your own magickal journey with our Spell Jars! Expertly crafted with Witch Reiki & Wicca, these jars come pre-loaded with enchanting energy and are perfect for any curious novice. Bewitch your surroundings and explore ancient mystical rituals to experience a newfound power!

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