Tarot chooses your crystal mystery box

Tarot chooses your crystal mystery box

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If you order this listing I will shuffle through a deck of tarot cards each card has a crystal on it and whichever card falls out is the crystal you will get.
You will then get a mystery box full of this specific crystal.

If your confused about the second set of options. They simply just decide whether I pull 1 tarot card or multiple. If you choose more than 1 then you will get multiple types of crystals in your box.

Discover the perfect energy for you with our Tarot chooses your crystal mystery box. This special box contains one randomly chosen crystal, helping you find your unique balance and guiding you on your spiritual journey. Each crystal is carefully selected to fit your needs, providing you with natural energy and guidance. Have you ever wanted to divinate which crystals you need most in your life? Now's your chance with our Tarot Chooses Your Crystal Mystery Box! Our special mystery box contains a selection of crystals handpicked by the tarot, so you can trust you're getting the juiciest stones to enhance your spiritual journey. Fortune-telling and fresh finds all in one! 

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